Julie's Update 5th November

Hi All

Well 🏊‍♂️ swimmers 🏊‍♀️

You have all heard what Boris has said - another lockdown.

Well it looks like Boris has stopped us training and enjoying what we love the most .... swimming!!

(Really I know you will miss Daniel, Jason and myself the most.....hahaha) but we are here to support every one of you.

Ok let's stay positive we have done this before, we can and we will do it again, remember we are a team, a family, we stick together, so let me think what we can do to help each other and come out of this even stronger and more positive!!!!

Good news you have Jason coaching you tomorrow I have a day off 😀 😉

It is Start and Turns this week I will still stick to this I might even do relays as well this week

Stay safe APEX

Coaching Team


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