Chair                                                                Nikki Lambert

Secretary                                                        Denise Hanlon

Treasurer                                                        Kelly Porter

Head Coach                                                    Julie Shenton

Gala Secretary/COVID19 Officer                  Emma Hawley

Welfare Officer                                               Amanda Ball

Membership                                                   Catherine Roe

Volunteer/Workforce Co-Ordinator             Victoria Emery


Committee Members 

Joanne Keay, Sarah Allen, Vicky Welton, Donna Edwards, Radu Onofrei

Club Kit is currently being run by Kim Brough, who is not a committee member.

Committee members are appointed at the Club AGM, usually held in June. However we can co-opt other members of the club onto the committee at any time. If you would like to take an active role on the committee please contact You must be a member of Swim England in order to join the committee.

All committee members can be contacted via the Secretary email.

In addition the Treasurer can be emailed on and Club Kit on