Chair                                                                Nikki Lambert

Secretary                                                        Denise Hanlon

Treasurer                                                        Kelly Porter

Head Coach                                                    Julie Shenton

Gala Secretary/COVID19 Officer                  Emma Hawley

Welfare Officer/Safeguarding                      Joanne Keay

Membership                                                   Catherine Roe

Volunteer/Workforce Co-Ordinator             Victoria Emery


Committee Members 

Sarah Allen, Vicky Welton, Donna Edwards, Radu Onofrei

Club Kit is currently being run by Kim Brough, who is not a committee member.

Committee members are appointed at the Club AGM, usually held in June. However, we can co-opt other members of the club onto the committee at any time. If you would like to take an active role on the committee please contact

You must be a member of Swim England in order to join the committee.

All committee members can be contacted via the Secretary email.

In addition, the Treasurer can be emailed on ; Club Kit on and Welfare Officer/Safeguarding on